25th July 2018

Mining in Asia International Symposium

Current Status and Prospect


Recent data from USGS shows that minerals and coal production from Asian region is increasing significantly in the last decade and even for some minerals such as aluminum, nickel and copper ores as well as coal the production from Asian countries reaches more than 50% of global production. This is an indication of increasing number of mining activities in those countries which is subsequently followed by increasing demand of mining professionals.

The development of mining industry in developing county is always generating several issues, among others the optimum economic benefit to the home country, suitable policy for mining investment, national mining professional vs expatriates, environmental impact management or local social and economic challenges. In short, those issues are related to the sustainable development of mining.

Such important issues in mining industry development including mining education will be discussed in an international symposium Mining in Asia. Sharing of experiences from different countries or regions will be the main goal of this event.

This symposium is an integrated activity with Society of Mining Professors (SOMP) Regional Meeting which will be held on July 26th – 28th, 2018.

Conference Theme

This Society of Mining Professors regional meeting will be preceded by an international symposium to obtain the latest updates on mining in Asia and its future prospect. The theme of this symposium is Mining in Asia: Current Status and Prospect. Sub-themes of the symposium include:

  • Mining Geology & Exploration Technology
  • Environmental Issues of Mining
  • Mining Technology
  • Mineral Economics and Policy
  • Minerals Processing Technology
  • Novel Mining Technology

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Kindly note that acceptance of abstracts will be limited, once accepted a full paper is required. The papers will be reviewed and the accepted papers will be published in the proceedings. Prospective authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of their papers. The Mining in Asia International Symposium 2018 abstracts should be submitted via link below.